COVID-19 for Municipal Leaders


Please note: the primary has been moved to June 2, 2020


Public Meetings Online

Summary of Requirements for On-line Public meetings:

  1. the public has the ability to view or listen to each meeting or proceeding in real time, by telephone, video, or other technology;
  2. the meeting or proceeding is recorded or transcribed, posted within 7 days
  3. the required notice and agenda for each meeting or proceeding is posted on the agency’s website and includes information about how the meeting will be conducted and how the public can access it;
  4. any materials relevant to matters on the agenda will be posted to the agency’s website (including exhibits, if feasible)
  5. all speakers shall clearly state their name and title before speaking every time they speak.

Town Government

  • Family First Coronavirus Response Act

  • Twenty Things for Leaders to know about Covid 19

  • Sample Declaration of Local State Resolution Emergency For Towns

Municipal Services

  • WSAVA-COVID 19 and Companion Animals

  • NACA-National Animal Care and Control Association

Purchasing Resources

  • CRPC Bids and Services

  • ezIQC Job Order Contracting Services for Public Safety alternations

  • State Vetted List of PPE Vendors – May 2020

  • CRCOG’s IT Services Cooperative Assistance with Remote Work Plans

  • Other Existing Cooperative Resources (NIGP)

Governor Executive Orders and Declarations

  • Governor Lamont’s Executive Orders

Helpful Links

  • Remote Learning Resources

  • CT Government Corona Virus Main Page

  • CDC Corona Virus Page

  • WHO Corona Virus Page