Salary Survey Reporting Module Now Available at CTMunicipalData.Org!

CRCOG and CCM are excited to announce the rollout of their new, user-friendly reporting tool at  Cities and towns across Connecticut now have access to an extensive database of municipal information that was collected via the 2016-2017 Salary Survey.  Visit the site to:

  1. Run basic, “canned” reports to quickly benchmark yourself against adjacent and peer communities. (Note: Communities that have not yet officially submitted their surveys will not appear on any reports.)
  2. Dig deeper and produce custom reports and queries.
  3. View data in Chart or Table form and download it to Excel.
  4. View/print individual municipal survey submissions to understand the context for varying responses across communities.
  5. Download sample municipal documents, like job descriptions and org charts, that were uploaded as part of the salary survey submission process.
  6. Find step-by-step instructions for accessing important HR data under the (?) Help tab.


If your community hasn’t submitted your 2016-2017 Salary Survey, it’s not too late to be included.  Please log on to to enter your information.  Once submitted, your community’s data will be available for download and analysis.

Have questions or need assistance pulling data from the system?  Please contact Kim Bona



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