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CRCOG is currently in the process of updating the Regional Plan of Conservation and Development.

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What is the Regional Plan of Conservation and Development?

The regional plan is not a detailed land use plan, but rather a general 10 year vision guide for the Capitol Region. Using the goals and polices of the regional plan, Councils of Government comment on the consistency of municipal plans of conservation and development with:

(1) the Regional Plan of Conservation & Development,

(2) the State Plan of Conservation and Development, and

(3) the plans of conservation and development of other municipalities in the area of operation of the regional planning agency.

Local plans of conservation and development must also refer to the regional plan to "note any inconsistencies" with the "growth management principle" of "integration of planning across all levels of government to address issues on a local, regional and state-wide basis".

POCD Photo Contest Flyer 2 (English)

2024 Plan of Conservation & Development Photo Competition

As part of our POCD plan update, CRCOG wants to highlight images from all 38 member cities and towns. All entries must be in a member municipality. For details, contest rules, and to submit, use our online form. Photo categories are Agriculture & Food Systems, Arts & Culture, Natural Landscape, People, Public Events, Streetscapes & Architecture, and Transportation. The deadline for submitting photos is 11:59 p.m. on December 17, 2023.


Please help share our contest with your residents! Winners will be awarded prizes ranging from $50-$200!

Statutory Background

The Capitol Region Plan of Conservation and Development was prepared under the authority of Section 8-35a of the Connecticut General Statutes and is required at least once every ten years.

A copy of the plan update is available at CRCOG’s offices located at 241 Main Street, 4th Floor, Hartford, CT 06106.