2022 Bike Share Feasibility Study

CRCOG is currently working on a “Bike Share Feasibility Study,” an update to the 2014 “Metro Hartford Bike Share Study” to reassess the potential for a regional micromobility system. Working with our consultant, Foursquare ITP, this process will assess ridership demand and help CRCOG and its communities understand what a potential micromobility system could look like – where is a system feasible, how large of a system is sustainable, micromobility vehicle types, and what business model options are most viable and acceptable. 

We have completed a Recent Trends in Bike Share Memorandum that summarizes the state of the bike share/micromobility industry today, highlighting key trends that may impact the CRCOG region as it continues to pursue the implementation of a regional micromobility program.  

Bar graph showing the growth of micromobility - bike, e-bikes, scooters - in the United States between 2010 and 2019.

The growth of micromobility – bike, e-bikes, and scooters – in the United States between 2010 and 2019. Source: “Shared Micromobility in the US: 2019,” NACTO, August 2020. https://nacto.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/2020bikesharesnapshot.pdf.

We have also formed a small working group comprised of several communities and stakeholders to help guide the process and provided additional perspective. This group is currently helping to identify the vision and goals for a regional micromobility system. Presentations made to this group are also available below:

Workshop #1           Workshop #2

Additionally, we have created a Myths and Facts sheet to help answer common questions communities might have about bike and scooter share systems.

Curious about the original 2014 report? CRCOG worked with the Greater Hartford Transit District and a consortium of other agencies to investigate the feasibility of implementing bike share within and beyond the region. Check out the full report here and how it laid out a phased plan for implementation. 

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