IntroductionAction Plan1. Policies and Plans2. Complete Streets Network3. Educate and Encourage4. Monitor ProgressIntroductionBackground More than anything, a street should be a place. The Capitol Region’s streets are public space, and they should be more than just where we travel—they should be where we gather, play, socialize, celebrate, and buy and sell goods. For a long [...]
Anticipated for implementation in Spring 2020 Central Avenue in Norwich, CT is used as a through street by many locals. Despite only having one lane in each direction, roads are wide and parking/shoulder areas are not marked, visually creating a fairly fast road on a route that features city transit, school buses, and a mix [...]

CRCOG was recently notified that the Federal Emergency management Agency (FEMA) gave formal approval of the 2019 – 2014 Capitol Region Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Update on November 7th. The plan is effective until November 6, 2024. The plan details the risks our region faces from natural disasters such as hurricanes, winter storms, drought, tornados […]

On November 15-16th, 2019, a two-day design workshop was held at the Easton EMS Building for the purpose of collecting public input on possible ways to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility along Sport Hill Road in Easton, CT, specifically the area between Silverman’s Farm and the Helen Keller Middle School. In advance of the charrette, […]

On September 7th, 2019, FHI staff and Watch for Me CT joined MetroCOG and Town staff at the Stratford Arts & Culture Festival. The team collaborated to provide visitors information about the Town’s bike and pedestrian planning efforts. Community members were asked to comment several renderings showing potential streetscape improvements and to answer general questions […]

Led by Toole Design and FHI, the team presented complete street concepts for rural communities, as well as Connecticut case studies. The Northwest Hills Council of Governments managed the event, including distribution of the flyer (below) to Planning and Zoning Commissions, Conservation Commissions, and Sustainable CT towns within the region. The team introduced complete streets policies compatible [...]

Please click on the links below for accessing project documents. 2021-2024 Projects List MPO 10 DOT01740424RPM DOT01720477RPM DOT01720476RPM DOT01710441RPM DOT01710440RPM DOT01703439PE DOT01703417RPM DOT00880192RPM DOT00930229HO DOT00930228HO DOT01310190PE DOT01340148RW MOD 01 DOT01650468RPM DOT01650509RPM DOT00790244RPM DOT00760220RPM DOT00630723RPM DOT00630703CN MOD 02 DOT00630721RPM DOT00510275RPM DOT00480190 DOT00070250RPM DOT00070262RPM DOT00460127RPM DOT00110157RPM DOT00510274RPM