CRCOG Regional Micromobility RFP

CRCOG Regional Micromobility RFP

The Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) is a Regional Council of Governments consisting of 38 towns in the Hartford region, created under Section 4-124i through 4-124p of the Connecticut General Statutes as a voluntary association of municipal governments. Additionally, CRCOG administers the Capitol Region Purchasing Council (CRPC) and has a framework of providing services aimed at increased efficiency and cost-savings to more than 90 additional communities throughout the State of Connecticut.

Through these mechanisms, CRCOG is seeking to select a micromobility operator who can serve interested municipalities in the CRCOG region. CRCOG envisions a large-scale regional private micromobility system that is provided at no cost to the municipalities, which offers residents, visitors, students and employees a convenient and affordable way to ride seamlessly within and among the Participating Communities, as applicable. This  regionalized approach to micromobility implementation is designed to encourage seamless service across the borders of Participating Communities and to streamline local procurement and contracting efforts, which will allow greater flexibility for communities seeking to pilot micromobility in the future.

CRCOG is seeking the services of a single Vendor who can provide a  micromobility system that most wholly provides for the goals articulated below. Further, it is the preference of CRCOG and the above cities to select a vendor who can provide a variety of mode types, including standing and seated scooters and pedal or ebikes. Please note, CRCOG may elect not to award  contract to any Vendor should it not receive a suitable proposal. The initial contract term is proposed for three (3) years, with up to three (3) one-year extensions.

At the time of writing, CRCOG has commitments from the cities of Hartford and New Haven to work with the selected CRCOG vendor to establish exclusive micromobility programs in 2024. The city of New Britain plans to engage the vendor to assess the feasibility of a pilot program in 2025. All told, the selected vendor should anticipate an initial total fleet of approximately 1200 to 1500 micromobility vehicles, operating exclusively in these Participating Communities. Please note, prior RFP processes and conversations have indicated multiple other CRCOG communities that are potentially interested in participating as well.

The RFP is located here:  CRCOG Regional Micromobility RFP

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