Regional Warehousing Land Use and Traffic Study

The Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) of Hartford, Connecticut is seeking a qualified and experienced firm or team to assist in developing a Regional Warehousing Land Use and Traffic Study.

Despite the explosive growth in e-commerce, policymakers lack critical details on trip generation, greenhouse gas emissions, local and regional impacts on brick-and-mortar retail, and transportation infrastructure and land development needs for warehouse and distribution centers. There is a lack of data on deliveries in defined geographies and whether e-commerce is creating additional trips or replacing trips. Warehousing and distribution centers are being sited closer to consumers, increasing demand for industrial real estate.

There has not yet been an effort to comprehensively study the regional warehousing landscape and its associated impacts on transportation, land use, and economic development. A study is needed to help state, regional, and local policymakers better understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the growth in e-commerce and associated logistics and warehousing centers. CRCOG’s Regional Warehousing Land Use and Traffic Study will provide critical data for assembling appropriate policy responses for transportation, planning, and economic development professionals.

Any questions should be directed in writing to Mr. Kyle Shiel. No questions will be accepted after 3:00pm on May 31st, 2024. CRCOG will post its response to questions and clarifications by the end of the workday on June 4th, 2024, on the CRCOG website.

Final submissions are due by Friday June 14, 2024 by 2pm.

The RFP is located here:  2024_Regional_Warehousing_Study_RFQ_FINAL


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