Farmington Connectivity Study

CRCOG and the Town of Farmington are conducting a Connectivity Study in the Town of Farmington.


  • The study will examine the impacts and benefits of a proposed new bridge across the Farmington River, connecting Monteith Drive from Route 4 (north of the Farmington River) to New Britain Ave (south side of the river).



Multimodal Connectivity:

  • The new bridge aims to improve multimodal connectivity between important facilities such as Town Hall, Town Library, and High School on the north side to the Police Station, Community Center, Senior Citizen Center, and Public Works facility on the south side. The new bridge would accommodate vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and potential changes to bus routes.



Regional Impact:

  • Regional Impact: While focused on Farmington, the study anticipates positive effects on the entire Farmington Valley region in terms of improved movement, traffic flow, and transportation system resiliency. A new bridge could improve emergency response connections across the river.



Traffic Analysis:

  • The study will include a comprehensive traffic analyses of the transportation network around the proposed bridge, including intersection capacity analyses and evaluation of multimodal transportation facilities and demand.
Preliminary Bridge Design
Farmington Study Area

Public Meetings


Study Documents

Traffic Impact Report


Draft Final Report for Public Review and Comment

Draft Final Report

A draft final report of the Farmington Area Connectivity Study, dated January 16, 2024 is available for public review and comment using above link:

This study has been undertaken by CRCOG, with funding from CTDOT, and prepared by the consulting firm SLR under the direction of CRCOG.

The public comment period ends Monday March 18, 2024.

Farmington Final Report Cover Page


If you have any comments or suggestions about the study, please contact Roger Krahn, CRCOG Principal Transportation Engineer, at or 860.724.4215