Enfield Traffic Impact Study

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The Final Enfield Traffic Impact Study is completed and available to read!

About the Study

CTDOT and CRCOG have initiated a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) to evaluate traffic, congestion, and safety and roadway implications for future redevelopment of the Enfield Square Mall.

The Study will evaluate safety and congestion of the roadway network for existing conditions and will assess travel demand growth and its impacts on area roadways. Evaluation will consider traffic associated with known development of projects in the area, nearby underutilized properties in the study area, and specifically redevelopment of the Enfield Square Mall.

The Study Area is focused around the Enfield Square Mall and a total of 15 intersections around the mall located primarily along Hazard Avenue and Elm Street (Routes 190 and 220) as well as several intersections along Freshwater Boulevard and Palomba Drive.

If you have questions, please contact Caitlin Palmer at cpalmer@crcog.org or call 860-724-4435.

Market Study & Survey

Our survey closed February 18th and we had over 1,150 survey results, including more than 950 written comments! A sincere thank you to everyone who participated. We are currently using the results and feedback received from the survey as well as the results of the market study to create potential development alternatives for the Enfield Square Mall site and Hazard/Elm street corridors. The survey is now closed but you can still view the surveys if you're interested:  English SurveyEncuesta Español

An informational newsletter was published in December 2022 summarizing existing traffic and safety conditions in the corridor as well as an overview of the market study and survey results.

The Market Study identified several market-feasible uses for the redevelopment of the Enfield Mall property. "Multifamily residential was identified as a primary opportunity along with other types of housing. Specific types of retail, including big box, restaurants, and retail integrated into mixed-use development, were also found to have market potential despite the vacancy struggles of the mall property. A limited amount of office space may be feasible, but will likely be restricted to medical office, which was found to have strong market feasibility. Distribution and fulfillment industrial reuse also emerged as a strong opportunity given growth in e-commerce and the site’s size and interstate access. Lodging (e.g., hotel) development may have moderate potential in the mid-term for the property. Lastly, the analysis determined that there is demand potential for recreation/entertainment uses, particularly family-oriented regional destination uses." These results are discussed in greater detail in the Market Study.

Traffic Impact Study

The study evaluated current traffic conditions as well as what future traffic impacts the potential mixed-use development identified in the Market Study would have on the study area. The study then identified recommendations to improve traffic operations and create a safer environment for all road users. The results are discussed in greater detail in the Final Enfield Traffic Impact Study.

A public meeting was held on October 3, 2023 at 6pm at Enfield Town Hall to ask questions and give feedback on the draft Final Enfield Traffic Impact Study. Newsletter #2 was shared before and at this meeting and the recording of the public meeting is available at: https://youtube.com/live/PMdUez1mQNQ. The Town of Enfield Planning and Zoning Committee passed a resolution approving the Final Enfield Traffic Impact Study and its recommendations on October 26, 2023.

Traffic Impact Study Recommendations

Traffic Signal Timing Improvements  

Three opportunities for mitigating traffic through signal timing improvements were found. 1) Revising all pedestrian crossings to concurrent rather than exclusive. 2) Improved vehicle detection for more responsive signal operations. 3) Removing the double left turn and adjusting signal timing at the intersection of Freshwater Blvd and Route 220 to match the cycle lengths of the rest of the corridor.

Bicycle, Pedestrian, & Transit Facilities 

Connecting the Enfield Square Mall area to the planned Hartford Line Enfield Station to the west of the project area with pedestrian, bicycle, and transit improvements will integrate public transportation options enhancing accessibility and encouraging active transportation. The Visual Preference Survey guided recommendations for multi-modal facility additions. An off-road shared-use path is recommended as well as additional bus shelters. Further study should be done to identify further opportunities for modal shift within the study area and for locating bicycle and transit infrastructure.  

Modify Mall Access (Western Driveway) 

Access Options A and B provide increased queuing space on Route 220 between the I-91 ramps and the mall, increase safety by reducing potential vehicle conflicts, and reduce required lanes which could lead to more space for bicyclists and pedestrians. Option A is recommended for its increased improvements to traffic flow and safety. 

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