hazard mitigation & climate adaptation plan

2024 Plan Update

The CRCOG Regional Hazard Mitigation plan identifies the natural hazards that may harm the safety and health of the residents of the 38 towns in CRCOG region, assess vulnerabilities to these hazards, and identify mitigation strategies to reduce the loss of life and property, economic disruptions, and the costs of post-disaster recovery. As a result of developing and formally adopting this plan, municipalities are able to access FEMA Hazard Mitigation assistance in the event of a disaster. In addition, the update includes plans for climate adaptation, to build further resilience from the hazards caused by climate change.

NEW: The Draft 2024 Plan is posted for review. See boxes below for each Overall Plan, Annexes, Appendices and Local Review Guide. This updated draft incorporates edits made during the recent (Jan-Feb) review period.

The draft plan includes a multi-jurisdictional document, a combined draft of all municipal annexes, a combined draft of all appendices, and a filled-out copy of the FEMA Plan Review Tool. CRCOG and CIRCA held a virtual meeting on Monday, January 22, 2024. You can view the presentation here

2019 natural hazards mitigation planning

CRCOG's previous Plan was adopted by all member cities and towns and received FEMA's approval On November 7, 2019. The Plan is in effect until November 6, 2024. To review the plan, see the Project Page.